We, a small group of enthusiastic players, have formed a Guild Ball supporters’ trust. A community led project committed to keeping the game alive, and growing it.

Some of us were pundits. Some of us have podcasts. Some of us have websites. Some of us were playtesters. All of us love Guild Ball.

We’ve spoken to other community-led game groups such as Blood Bowl, Warmaster, and Epic 40k to get an idea about what works and what doesn’t.

We’ve held transcontinental meetings, made loads of decisions, and identified our priorities and timelines.

The Guild Ball Community Project committees will focus on keeping the game balanced and fresh through semi-regular updates to the rules / cards; on keeping the game alive by providing the community with a plug-and-play tournament organising website; and on keeping the community updated through newsfeeds, podcasts and community events.

The GB community project steering group strongly believes that transparency and openness in communication will be key in keeping Guild Ball alive and active for years to come.

The Steering Committee

Steve Cole
Niels Hermkens
Sebastian Sonnhalter
Skerolf Dickinger
Brian Andersen
Michael Klein