As a newcomer in the blogging/media scene, I’d like to introduce myself, before moving on to the topic I would like to discuss. My name is Niels Hermkens – van Lith, a pundit from the Netherlands. I’ve been playing the game for an odd two years now, and have had some (major) tournament experience, i.e. Belgian Nationals of 2018 and 2019, and the World Team Championship of 2018. Currently, I have a 12-5 record in Season 4, and have been exploring teams like the Morticians, Engineers and Ratcatchers. I also own Masons, Brewers, Blacksmiths and Farmers, and can be described as a “I want to play them all!” type of player during practice sessions. Teams I’m also interested in are Hunters, Butchers and Falconers.

As a pundit in the Netherlands, you usually find that there are multiple, small, disconnected groups scattered throughout parts of the country. I think that the Netherlands, at this time, has a semi-active playerbase of around 15-20 people, of which half will want to go to tournaments to compete. Usually, this means that Dutch tournaments of 12+ participants are also filled with Belgians, and at times some Germans. The Dutch group is quite small, but we’re steadily growing, and our skill has increased quite a bit.