The Mason’s Guild

When the Century Wars broke out, every Sovereign State came to the Mason’s Guild for fortifications, giving the Guild near unmatched power in the early years of the conflict.

Power came with a cost, however, and the Century Wars had a sting in the tail for the Masons. After an initial investment of capital in battlements, forts, and barracks across the Sovereign States, spending was prioritised on the upkeep and training of the immense armies. As the initial hope that the conflict would expire in timely fashion dwindled, so too did the fortunes of the Guild.

The slow restoration of the Guild meant a timid start once Guild Ball was established and for many years, the Mason’s Guild was unknown. It remained so until inter-Guild politics conspired to produce a new Master Artificer. New focus was put into building a strong, reinforced Guild Ball team. Significant investment followed, and in 14c the Mason’s Guild surprised the world, beating the Butcher’s Guild in the season final.

The Mason’s Guild? Rock solid. Safe as houses, if you’ll forgive the pun. No? Rough crowd tonight…


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