The Butcher’s Guild

Who are they? They’re a real heavy set. Killers, every one of them.

Yeah, those lads only play Guild Ball one way. Pounding down the pitch in a headlong charge and leaving a mess behind ’em that makes most shipwrecks look more salvageable.

Thing that scares everyone though, is that they’ve got themselves a heavy rep over the years for forgetting the rules on occasion. Against any team you can get wasted, but these boys are much heavier handed. The Butcher’s Guild has had to bail its team out more than once for the odd ‘accident’ where someone goes home a memory, if you follow my meaning.

Don’t mess with those lads, young blood. You can run around them all you want, staying just out of reach of a brute like the Ox, but you’d best pray that they don’t catch you. I’m too old and wise to have made friends in this game, but if I had, I’d have seen plenty of them go home in boxes after games against those maniacs.

You’re just meat to them. Weak, tender, soft meat. And they’re the Butchers.


The Butchers are guild that appears pretty linear at first glance, but is more versatile than it seems. In general however, Butchers are fast, relatively flimsy, and do large amounts of momentous damage. They’re good at all levels of play with their direct style and proactive game plan.

  • Strengths: high mobility, high damage output
  • Weaknesses: low durability, low sticking power
  • Play If You Like: berserker beatdown play