The Lamplighter’s Guild

Their trade is a solitary one. Out at all hours of the night in the worst bit of town, on a wobbly ladder with nothing to defend yourself but a stick with a large match on the end. Rumour has it that the Lab Rats use them as messengers, ferrying information around between secret labs that is best kept hidden.

Makes sense when you think about it. You can see all sorts when folks don’t pay attention to you. Nobody bats an eyelid at a Lamplighter.

That’s all about to change, if their new captain has her way. The old captain popped his clogs all of a sudden, leaving those in charge to have some serious thoughts about their team’s future. Nightlight shone brightest out of all of the favourites and took the captaincy. Apparently Nightlight has the skill, heart and most importantly, the feet to stand out in this game.

She has a lot to prove. I just hope that the team’s brightest light doesn’t dim twice as fast...


Keywords? High tempo, resource efficiency, dunk sick goals. When facing this team, they will be in your face from turn one, forcing you to put all your efforts in defending that ball. If you can weather the storm, you might have a chance… Their on/off mechanic brings diversity in playstyle for every single model – expert coaches will love this Guild for the skill expression this team brings.

  • Strengths: high mobility, debuff and control effects, strong kicking ability
  • Weaknesses: fragile models, low damage output
  • Play If You Like: high-tempo goal-focused play


Since the Lamplighter Kickstarter has finished in April of ’22, and we added the clause of six months before the STL files would turn open-source, they are now (October ’22) available for download!

Models and Goal – supported

Models – unsupported

Terrain Sculpts