The Shepherd’s Guild

Guild Ball on Twitter: "Spotted in 'gubs' by user Kalitika AG. We love the  paint job on these Shepherds and the sheep as harvest markers is inspired!  #CommunitySpotlight #Homeforged" / Twitter

Shepherd life has always been solitary. Weeks, if not months out tending a flock, with little contact with the rest of the world. There are even stories of aged figures spending so long away from civilisation, they’ve forgotten how to speak. I’m pleased to see that lonely existence changing at last – all it took was a new Lord Chamberlain with some vision. Now, the Shepherd’s work in teams, supporting each other like families. Wholesome, like.

Of course, that meant a Guild Ball team too, one I’ve been particularly proud to foster since I joined the Farmers. Solthecius knows, there needs to be more ways into this sport, especially for the young to sign up. They’re the future, only a fool would say otherwise. Yes, I see what we’ve established, the first of many such sides, and I’m proud that we can help them along the way.


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