The Navigator’s Guild

Pah! The Navigator’s Guild? Hear them talk, you’d think they’re the only ones who can chart a bloody map. There’s plenty of misguided folk who actually buy into that crap, too; I don’t doubt many a halfway-competent Spyglass takes coin for such hires. Of course, most of ’em earn a pretty penny from less reputable activities, to boot.

The buccaneers are the worst of ’em. Oh, they claim to be adventurers, noble heroes charting new seas out of the frontier, but that lie smells worse than the otter’s arse. They’re nothing more than smugglers, for my money. Windfinder isn’t the worst by far, but she’s infamous enough… her and her ship, the Freebooter’s Bounty. Her ilk came about once the Pirate King left the seas, but rumour is the Navigator’s Guild have been forced to rethink their option now a new tyrant has risen. They’ve no stomach for a fight, the cowards.

The sooner this arrangement runs its course, the better. I don’t trust Windfinder, or her blasted crew. I’d like nothing better than to introduce most of ’em to the captain’s daughter, see that wipe the grin from their smug faces.


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