The Union

The Union? Dead and gone now, thankfully. And good riddance to them too, the bloodthirsty bastards. Near ruined the game for all of us, back in the day. The Tyrant had his people everywhere, lurking in the shadows like the craven mutts they were. Forced their way into our teams and ran roughshod over the sport. Didn’t matter if you won or lost, you were just happy to see the back of them. And that was before the Usurper took charge.

I never thought I’d hear myself saying this, but I almost found myself missing the Pirate King before too long. Rage was none too subtle with his brand of violence, a wounded animal lashing out at anything that dared to draw close. Whored his team with the same abandon too. Before too long, any of the clever manipulation we saw from Blackheart was gone, replaced by a lust for cold, hard money.

Believe me, I’ve seldom seen people so happy as they were when the Union were broken. The only thing we worry about now is that someone new will come along, and a third dynasty will dawn upon us…


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