The Fisherman’s Guild

The Fish have been around for years, but just never seemed to have a great game, you know? Then one day, they had a real revival in fortunes. Couldn’t tell you what it was. All I know is that suddenly they have Guild houses springing up in every city that doesn’t already have one.

And then the team got better. A lot better. Like crazy better, beating the Butchers, the Morticians, the Alchemists, and the Messengers, all the big boys. Had to get better, once the Guild got bigger, or it wouldn’t sit right. Whole bunch of new players, new sponsorship, new gear, new playbook. Suddenly, they’re a name on the street, with a big following.

But you know what the old timers all say about the poster boys and girls? That team could probably achieve even more greatness if they could just wise up. They all run around waving to the damned crowd, showboating with the ball, all touchy feely with each other whenever one of ’em gets knocked on their arse. Never known another team like it. But that said, damn, those lads can play Guild Ball.


Generally one of the teams that goes for takeouts the least, the Fishermen bring a lot of options and different playstyles to the team, particularly because they have the great quality of bringing solid captains who do very different things to each other.

  • Strengths: high mobility, high control ability, strong kicking ability
  • Weaknesses: low durability, low damage output
  • Play If You Like: goal-focused control play