The Miner’s Guild

Blasted dangerous profession, one look at most of ’em will prove that. Their crew looks beaten up before they hit the pitch, let alone afterwards. That’s nothing new though. You’ve got to have stones made of iron to go down in the depths day after day. Or be half mad. Preferably both, if you ask me.

Rumour is, old Ballista set up shop with ’em months ago. I’ll bet that suits the dour bastard right down to the ground, spending all his days in the dark, tinkering with the bloody monstrosities he’s been making. I thought I’d seen it all with the Engineers, but the mining engines are something else. You’d think they’d be against the rules, until you remember the rules were written when people couldn’t even imagine a damn drilling machine, let alone make them illegal.

I’ll wager the Lord Artificer is the reason they’re here in the Big Leagues, too. He might not be in his Guild’s best graces, but don’t think Ballista doesn’t still have friends in high places. Mark my words, it’s a power play – he’s seen the First Lady’s success story and he’s looking to write on of his own…


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