The Alchemist’s Guild

They are a new Guild. Not so unlike the others in their activities, but very much so in their ideology. Being able to have observed hundreds of years of development before beginning your own venture has a tendency to allow you to avoid certain growing pains. However, the correlation is that unlike any of its rivals, the Alchemist’s Guild has yet to prove to the people that their industry is worthwhile.

I possess a tome stolen from one of their libraries, it is interesting reading. The volume chronicles each of their Guild member’s notable experiments, realistically a way to address all of the explosions that have levelled buildings, led to the mysterious disappearance of townsfolk, and cast eerie green fires that have burned their way through entire villages.

The real victory in Guild Ball for the Alchemist’s Guild is a public relations one, which they can desperately use. Even if they are beaten, the crowds will likely leave with the bright lights and colours of their tricks seared into their minds, lending them legitimacy and authority. There is more at stake here for them than just the game.


The Alchemists have a very focused condition based playstyle. They’re the team that is likely to set your players on fire and poison them, and then use that condition to improve their abilities in other ways.

They’re a team that leans towards goalscoring, and doesn’t really have anyone exceptionally durable, but they’re very fast and have plenty of ranged effects.

  • Strengths: mobile, condition focused, board control
  • Weaknesses: low durability, limited damage
  • Play If You Like: hit and run style gameplay