The Engineer’s Guild

Although nowhere near as new as some of the fledging Guilds that have come into being since the end of the Century Wars, the Engineer’s Guild is certainly not much older, barely more longstanding than our own enterprise of the Alchemists. They were originally formed just prior to the conflict, as siege engines and fortifications began to be constructed. All rather pedestrian to an Alchemist, of course. Their science is a trite and laborious one. Advancement is far too slow, and their attitudes often boorish and condescending, especially amongst the older Magisters and Artificers.

I discern an intriguing division that is very apparent to me in their houses: the tired old science sitting uncomfortably alongside their new discoveries. They have the most devastating potential of all at their fingertips, but their own innate animosity and stubborn pride stops them from achieving greatness.

But to be fair and pay them their due, not all are that way. The keenest amongst them have lent their hands to the construction of clockwork instruments and devices of far more interest to our enlightened minds. In these, I see the path to immortality.


The Engineers are a durable team, and lean a little towards the goal-scoring end of the spectrum but are definitely capable of take-outs. They are also one of the teams with the most access to ranged damage and ranged control, and tend to want to play a keep-away game, at least until the enemy has been whittled down to low enough that they can engage. They have issues in a straight up fair fight, but lots of tools for avoiding one.

  • Strengths: ranged damage and control, high mobility, high kicking ability
  • Weaknesses: low brawl ability, low damage output
  • Play If You Like: ranged attrition play