The Mortician’s Guild

Real old Guild, the Mortician’s. Guess if there’s one certainty in this life, it’s death, eh? I don’t think that they suffered none in the Century Wars when everyone else did. When your business is death, a war is good news, I s’ppose.

Everyone hates playing them. Not one team out there that can’t find something to not like about ’em. Players come and go, but whoever they are they’re always there to trip you up, block your plays, and gang up on you. They used to be less hassle, mind, but since the Ferryman took over, that’s when they got to be tough. The Spooks might look like a circus of freaks, but each one of them is nails. Can’t take your eye off of any of them. You’re going to find you have to deal with them a lot differently to any other team, young blood.

Odds are even a Meathead is going to leave you alone if he takes you out, but the Spooks? Well, best not let yourself find out whether you’re going to lucky, or be their next customer, if you catch my drift.


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