The Falconer’s Guild

Damn mysterious lot, the Falconers. You ask a common man in the marketplace about them, I’ll wager you see a blank face and little else. I only know what little I do by keeping my ear to the streets, like. Word is they were formed from a bunch of mercenaries, old scouts from the armies marching in the Century Wars.

One thing’s for sure though, they’ve made real money hiring themselves out to the nobility. Their great birds are a popular accompaniment in bloodsport hunting, and fiercely fashionable amongst the aristocracy. That was their first foot on the ladder, and they soon banded together to form a team. Don’t blame ’em. Fair to say that life on the pitch has to be a lot better than living at the whim of some inbred lordling.

No one really knows what the connection is between the Falconers and the Hunters, but rumour down the pub is that Devana and Theron have been seen huddled together, talking until the early hours, like. If you asked me to put money on it, I’d wager they have a past at the very least. ‘Course, I’ve never been one to gossip, have I?


The Falconers are basically the Hunters turned up to eleven. They excel at dealing loads of damage from range, and setting up hit-and-run style combat situations. They’re very fast as well, which means that they might be able to just dance around the opponent, while dishing out damage from afar, or stealing the ball and putting it against the post. Just don’t get caught!

  • Strengths: high mobility, high damage output, ranged combat
  • Weaknesses: fragile models, lacking decent ball protection
  • Play If You Like: ranged hit-and-run play