Mad Hatter 3 – Update (Dec 23rd)

Hey all,

With a heavy heart, I have to say that the physical edition of MH3 will be cancelled.

As of this moment of writing, I have only received eight registrations out of a total of 32 spots. As the venue and catering were a single package for at least 24 players, I have to bow out or otherwise face thousands of euro’s debt.

Does this mean that Guild Ball is dead? No, not really. It just means that the currently surviving community, also dealing with other things in their lives, isn’t big enough to fill international tournaments. Another thing it showed me, was that many old veterans of the community chose to let this go by, as they had moved on to another gaming system and had no intention of coming back anymore.

That last part, while understandable, quite upset me. It was a try for a last hurrah (or maybe the start of something bigger), hoping to find my old friends coming over for a nice trip to nostalgia lane.

I will obviously keep putting the work in for the community project; MH3 will move to a digital platform, and will happen somewhere after my Empire of the Free Cities cup. Registrations for MH3 will start shortly after Christmas.

For those still interested in Guild Ball – I’m also in the works of putting a team back together for another World Cup. There’s two options I’m considering: the old one, with regionals leading to a world finals, or a new option, where it’ll just be a single huge tournament, but the first couple of rounds will be region-locked by the tournament organizer; i.e. UK-UK, EU-EU, US-US, APAC-APAC for at least the first two rounds.

I will also still keep on working on new GBCP errata work, and helping out with the design of the new Lumberjacks.

But besides that, I’ll step back a bit. I’ve started noticing a doubt in myself, on how much value I still find to put in so many hours into this game – organizing major tournaments, rules development, discord server management, GBCP website management and content, social media (FB/Twitter/Reddit) presence, etc.

If ye wanna talk about it, or anything else Guild Ball related, hit me up on Facebook, Reddit or Discord!

Hat out.

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