New Guild Captains – Union’s Veteran Greede

It’s almost Christmas, so Steamforged has decided to leave us some gifts. After Festival and Soma, we have finally arrived with the one that most of you have been waiting for. Everyone’s favourite little man – Greede.


It’s no mystery that Santa Claus has little elves working in his shops around the clock, making toys for the children, but it seems that one is fed up with his working hours and has started a Union.

While Festival and Soma were Coach-type models, Greede is a central midfielder. Bang in the middle of the pitch is where he likes to be, shouting orders at his minions. Let’s take a look at his stats.

The fact that he’s on Strongbox is shown by his rather slow 4″/6″ MOV, but luckily for him, he has a 2″ melee range due to his spear. TAC 5 and a 3/6″ KICK are average, and he’s fairly tanky at 3+/2 and 20 boxes, but his INF stat is where heads will be turned. INF 6/6 is just… wow. This is a 14 influence Union team, before cards or goals.

Looking at his playbook, there are only three momentous results, but these results are quite effective. Especially the momentous 2 on 3, which can be attained quite easily with some small TAC buffs. With Tooled Up, Greede can knock someone down and then deal 15 damage to a regular 4+/1 model. If only he weren’t this slow…

But here’s where his character play Forward, Minions! comes into play. This two-cost play sends out a 6″ pulse with a +2″/+2″ MOV buff to friendly models. Isn’t there this Blacksmith master that has this ability as a legendary, but nowadays as an aura? Suffice to say, this ability is very nice and has loads and loads of possible uses. Mostly in increasing threat ranges or lengthening goal runs.

But that’s not all, no. Greede has also looked at the master of persuasion, Obulus, and has his own take on it. Persuasion is a one-cost play with a 6″ range, which makes you push another model 2″. It’s not OPT, but it has the added text that no model can be pushed more than once by this play. While it’s awesome fluff-wise, the fact that it’s a one-cost play feels like it being a niche play, likely almost never being used within a match other than for extending your own squaddie’s threat.

Coming to his traits, here we see Do The Thing!. This trait is basically a free choice Superior Strategy at any time within a turn. Any player on the squad has the ability to take a second activation, which just seems bonkers, but the trait Trusty Steed lets this trait make sense, as Veteran Greede takes up both the captain ánd mascot positions, but still only costing 2 VP on a take-out. But just look at the possibilities: Rage Furious charging twice, Minx traversing 18″ with the MOV buff (22″ with Grace’s Quick Foot) without spending influence, Mist having an almost pitch-wide threat on the ball. Important to note: Do The Thing! doesn’t require Greede to be on the pitch, so you’ll always get a sixth activation.

The presence of Strongbox is made clear by the addition of the well-known Shelling Out TAC buff. Usually, Strongbox’ buff meant that the opponent had to come to you, as the tortoise is rather slow. But Greede has in-built MOV buffs, which means that the aura will now move throughout the pitch faster. This tortoise is like a hare in the field. (pun intended)

Lastly, Greede has the Lance trait, which gives him a +2 TAC and +1 DMG buff on charges. This gives him a selfbuffed 10″ threat range, and averages out on the 4> result against a 4+/1 model. Pretty decent for a midget on a tortoise, I’d say.

I’m not sure about this guy yet. I can see loads of janky plays, which is why I’d like to play him, but will he be strong? I don’t know. The fact that you’re fielding only five models, means that you’ll never be as strong in a scrum, or are more easily outmaneuvered by teams fielding six models. Double Rage charges does sound juicy, though… I guess time will tell. What are your thoughts on the little man?

Be sure to pick him up on the Steamforged webstore, or at your local FLGS!

So there we have it. All third captains are now known. Where do we think Steamforged will go now? Third mascots? Will Guilds even get more models, or will their main focus lie in expanding the amount of Guilds? What are your thoughts on the matter?

For now, I’d like to thank you guys for reading, and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year in advance!

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