The 4.2 Errata – Part 2

Hey all! I’d like to converse my hot takes on the changes of the 4.2 errata to you. I’ll be starting with the changes to the entire game, and will go through Guilds in alphabetical order after. This second part will contain the Engineer’s, Falconer’s, Farmer’s, Fisherman’s and Hunter’s Guilds.


While the Cogs have been slumping a bit in the early stages of Season 4, it seems that the addition of Rivet has breathed life into the gearheads. Rivet’s captaincy has given the Engineers a couple of top-table finishes in large tournaments, but it’s a problem when it’s possible to play a one-captain roster and still do fine with it. I was expecting something done to Rivet, and some help for the other captains. Let’s see if I was right…


Just as I thought, Rivet would be touched. But only lightly, it seems. One of her core strengths was being able to make Velocity and Spade TAC 6 models with 4-column playbooks with her Follow My Lead trait, virtually making them auto-includes for her team. The same trait did nothing for Veteran Velocity, the only other Engineer model with a TAC of 6, which resulted in a pickrate drop for the awesome model.

The rework of this trait from Rivet’s TAC to a base +1 TAC increase is more balanced, I feel. Velocity and Spade are still strong, but won’t be as oppressive anymore. Veteran Velocity has actually been given a buff, now being a TAC 7 model with a 5-column playbook. Regular had momentous >< on 2 with TAC 6, Veteran Velocity has the same result on 2 at TAC 7, ánd brings a momentous KD on her playbook, ánd Lend a Hand. Only time will tell if this change hasn’t just switched the Velocity’s from Rivet’s 6. All other squaddies retain their TAC of 6, so nothing has changed for the likes of Salvo, Colossus and Locus.

  • Follow My Lead rewritten. Gives base +1 TAC, no longer Rivet’s TAC.


The Falconers Guild has been one of the more polarizing minor Guilds; hugely attractive models in a Guild that has a rather clunky mechanic in Harrier. They’re still at the bottom of the bunch in win rates, so let’s see if the birdmen get some help, or if Steamforged think that they’re in a decent spot for the moment.

After seeing the errata contain only changes for Egret, I feel that the Falconers will have to wait until 4.3 to get bumped up. At least Egret brings some more ball retrieval to the Guild, something that they sorely lacked before, but I feel that Falconers will mostly be a fun casual Guild for now. Egret will be discussed further in the Hunter’s Guild section.


Coined as one of the strongest Guilds out there, the Farmer’s Guild is home to the one, the only, the Thresher. After getting a buff in 4.1 after dominating the scene in 4.0, it was understandable that Thresher wouldn’t leave his top 5 spot on Longshanks anytime soon. The problem for the Farmers has always been the fact that they’re largely regarded as a one-captain Guild. Grange has been fighting for not being the worst captain in terms of play- and win rate. Let’s see if the 4.2 errata will change some of that…


Grange has indeed gotten some love in the form of bringing in more influence for this team, and Constitution now being a massive 4″ aura. If Thresher is considered as the kicking captain of the Farmers, Grange might well have become the absolute receiving captain.

Why do I say this? Well, the +1/+0 INF means that, when bringing either Jackstraw or Ploughman, Buckwheat, and three Reapers, the team can be at 10-11 influence and put down 4 Harvest Markers per turn. Grange needs 2 – one to put up Constitution and Help ‘Em Out, Ploughman needs 0-1 – based on whether or not he wants to activate Broken Earth, Jackstraw needs 1 for Crop Dusting. Buckwheat can do with 0-1, whether or not he wants to attack anyone or not. This means that you’ll have 6-8 influence left for your three Reapers. Bringing Fallow along means that you’ll not have to give her any influence, as she’ll generate her own through Making Hay. So now it’s 6-8 between 2 Reapers. Bringing Tater allows for the holy defensive triangle of Grange/Tater/Fallow, which leaves 2-4 influence for either Windle – who only ever needs 1 – or Amber. Just set up the grinder and slowly move it forward towards the opposing team. FYI: with Buckwheat, Jackstraw and Amber, you have the option of running three 10″ goal threats.

Obviously there are other ways of playing Grange, and he’ll not be the best receiving choice against every Guild. But I’d like to think that the Farmer’s Guild isn’t a one-captain team anymore. Wouldn’t you agree?

  • +1/+0 INF
  • Constitution rewritten. Now a 4″ Tough Hide aura.


The removal of Charmed for Prince Charming is a definite nerf, even if he receives a small buff to his health pool. Tater was always the answer against strong female beaters, i.e. Scalpel, Rivet, Fillet, Devana, Chisel, Cosset, Pelage, or female ball threats, i.e. Vitriol, Farris, Friday, Pin Vice, Siren, Fathom, Skatha, Honour, Seasoned Brisket. See the enormous list?

Was this warranted? Maybe, as the Guild was already quite strong and having a 5+ DEF, 2″ melee damage dealer with Counter Charge might be a tad much.

  • +2 HP
  • Removal of Charmed trait


A DEF upgrade at the cost of 2 HP is quite good for the lad. Certainly because his Charmed actually worked on mascots, Ulfr and Seenah. I don’t know if this change will make him see more play, as he hasn’t received any changes to his utility.

  • +1 DEF
  • -2 HP
  • Removal of Charmed trait


With the addition of Knuckles, and people like Joshua Niemczyk finally seeming to unlock the powerhouse that is Yukai, I feel that the Fisherman’s Guild is in a decent spot. If there is anything to be done for the Fishermen, I’d hazard it’s a buff to Salt, or a nerf to Corsair; the latter has been very strong as of late, and has been coined as one of the only real answers to the problem that is Veteran Boar. If Boar is being reigned in, I fear what would happen if Corsair is left unchecked…


Siren receiving a flat +1 DEF increase without loss of HP is a definite buff for the model, for both the Fisherman’s and the Navigator’s Guild. It’s nice, but I feel that these Guilds were actually hoping for something else.

  • +1 DEF
  • Removal of Charmed trait


The Hunters were the unequivocal winners of the Season 4.0 patch, and since then have been toned down quite a bit. Theron and Skatha have been struggling to even get a near-50% winrate, and the Guild would be in the lower echelons of the Longshanks ranking, if not for the strength of Steeljaw. If anything, I’d hazard that the Hunters are in for some buffing, as the 4.1 nerfs seem to have hit them a tad too harshly…


Jaecar hasn’t been touched a lot. Only his playbook has been changed, giving him better access to his Gut & String character play, and increasing his overall damage potential. He still has the same problems into decent counterattacks, though.

  • Non-momentous GB on 2 –> Non-momentous GB on 1
  • Non-momentous T on 3 –> Non-momentous T on 2
  • Non-momentous 2GB on 4 –> Non-momentous 2GB on 3
  • Non-momentous 3 on 5 –> Non-momentous 3GB on 5


Egret’s position on the pitch has been formulated as a Striker, but her kit mostly described her as a winger. Firing potshots from miles away, and always dodging to safety after the fact. If she went for goal, it was because she was handed the ball by her squadmates and had a clear line to the opponent’s goal.

Not anymore. Egret’s momentous < and momentous T results have been combined on the first column. She has also been given Close Control to be able to deal with counterattacks after stealing the ball off of an enemy model. Would said enemy model be 1″ melee, the momentous T< would place her in relative safety. Also, being a model with an only 4-column playbook, she has quite the chance to wrap, and that momentous T< result could then be very juicy. If she also chooses a damage result on the wrap, she would be able to make an 8″ dodge from Back to the Shadows and Run the Length after scoring a goal. Yes, Egret will make a fine addition to the Hunter’s and Falconer’s teams, that are looking for a 3-0 or 2-2 game plan.

  • Momentous < on 1 –> Momentous T< on 1
  • Removal of momentous T on 2
  • Addition of Close Control trait


For now, I’m surprised that only Rivet has been touched for the Engineers. In my opinion, Pin Vice is in dire need of help, and the Guild has the added problem of being considered a one-mascot Guild. I guess we’ll be seeing Rivet for a while.

I have discussed the situation for the Falconers above. I feel that the design team is still figuring out how to ‘fix’ the team, although I myself find them quite fun to play on the pitch. Maybe that’s what Steamforged is going for; minor Guilds are fun, one-box teams to play for fun, but if you really want to go competitive you should move up towards the major Guilds. We’ll see what the future holds.

I’m actually very happy for the Farmers. Grange still isn’t everything he should be, but he’s getting there. At least he’s not on the drop-list for the tournament 12 anymore, I hope, and this could make someone like Fallow get back into the action as well. I myself am of the idea that the Grange defensive block is a very tough nut to crack, and am sure to theorycraft on it further.

I feel that the Fishermen have received the short end of the stick in the errata, but their disappointment should be shortlived. Yes, you’ve not seen buffs to Shark, and you’re still very much considered as a one-mascot Guild, but have you seen Knuckles? With Corsair already being as strong as he is, I feel that you guys could make some waves. -pun intended-

The changes to Jaecar and Egret for the Hunters are nice. They’re already quite a strong Guild, and this mostly brings some of the lesser played models more up to par with the others. I just hope that their win-rate will start climbing again, as I feel that the Hunter’s Guild has loads of potential. They’ve received quite some speed along with Edge, so I’m psyched to see a Skatha, Edge, Egret, Jaecar, Veteran Minx Sonic squad on the table. #GottaGoFast

Next time, I’ll be discussing the changes made to the Mason’s, Miner’s, Mortician’s, Navigator’s and Ratcatcher’s Guilds. See you then!

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