The 4.2 Errata – Part 4

Hey all! I’d like to converse my hot takes on the changes of the 4.2 errata to you. I’ll be starting with the changes to the entire game, and will go through Guilds in alphabetical order after. In this fourth part, I will discuss the changes made to the Solthecian Order and the Union.


This minor Guild, captained by the latest iteration of Brisket, had already received a major buff in the 4.1 patch due to the addition of their Ball of Light. The amount of dodges available to the Guild was a-ma-zing, and anyone that likes mobility jank should try this team out at least once. For the moment, the Order has the meme that they actually only have 6 members. I expect changes to come in to Benediction and Grace, so let’s see if I’m right…


Yup. That’s 1/2 of my expectation coming true. Benediction has always been the Order/Union’s tarpit model, super tanky and full of pushes and knockdowns. But the Order wants to play with the ball, and Benediction has nothing on his card based on ball play. Well, now he has!

Benediction gains an easier tackle, more squad survivability via Harrow’s Rapid Growth, and a new trait, Playmaker. Playmaker in essence means that, once per turn, you can make a single pass without influence with anyone within 6″ of Benediction. This new trait has replaced Impart Wisdom, which kind of hurts Veteran Rage, who likes to channel Red Fury through Benediction onto i.e. Gutter or Harry, but maybe the free pass to increase his threat range will make up for it.

I guess if you’re expecting Veteran Fangtooth to be a victim to the more brawly type Guilds, Benediction has a lot more survivability, and can open up charge lanes with his pushes.

  • Non-momentous T on 4 –> Non-momentous T on 2
  • Non-momentous KD on 4 –> Momentous KD on 4
  • Addition of Playmaker trait
  • Addition of Rapid Growth trait
  • Removal of Impart Wisdom trait
  • Removal of Regenerate trait


Grace has always been a very polarizing model within the Guild; either you absolutely adore her, or you think she’s garbage. Many people have lauded her for her ‘free influence’, but others have complained about her playbook. To give Grace a tad more ‘direction’, the design team has spiced up her KICK, changed up her influence, and given her a totally new Legendary Play.

First of all, Blessed has been replaced by the Hag’s Talisman, which means that those two free influence now are forced into paying for a character play, which means that her flexibility has gone down. Grace now brings 4 influence to her team, albeit 2 in the form of one of her plays, but it means that you’ll still work with a pool of 13 influence. Lastly, she has received the Reclamation legendary play; whenever the Ball of Light is in play, she can gain possession of it – no range attached. Grace basically has thé answer to teams that try to kill the Ball of Light. She might even replace Mist as the third striker model for the team.

  • +1/+0″ KICK
  • +1/-1 INF
  • Addition of Talisman trait
  • Addition of Reclamation legendary play
  • Removal of Blessed trait


Due to the decision to remove any Union mercenaries for the remaining Minor Guild-less teams, and because the Union has been down in the gutter – pun intended – for the greater part of Season 4, I expect this Guild to see loads upon loads of changes, which is why I’ve chosen to make an Order/Union episode for my thoughts on the errata change log.

One of the biggest problems for the Union was that they didn’t have a viable kick-off model. They had no Shank, no Scalpel, no Thresher, etc. If anything, I hope that the changes will improve the Union’s kicking game.

Veteran Rage

The absolute #1 of the last moments of Season 3. The monster that out-butchered the Butchers. Veteran Rage, despite having his iconic “Bill the Butcher” look, was known for one thing: win games. But then Season 4 came along, and the Union only received reworks on Fangtooth and Snakeskin, two models that were hardly ever played.

The Union squad was still at Season 3 levels of strength, and it was noticeable. Mostly because suddenly everybody could make take-outs, and scoring goals went ever faster than before. Rage just couldn’t keep up. But he is back. Back with a vengeance!

First of all, it’s worthwhile to note that Veteran Rage now brings an additional point of influence to the squad, which is more than helpful in a Guild of influence greedy lone wolves. Also, Quick Time has had it’s cost reduced, so now it’s actually worth it to pay for the 2″ dodge. Lastly, his playbook has received some nice updates, greatly increasing his damage output. Granted, it’s still not Boar levels of output, but it’s still very serviceable.

Now I hear you say “But Hat, why are you saying he is back with a vengeance? It’s only some influence efficiency and a slightly better playbook, right?” Wrong. Usually, Rage likes to play the stand-off. Who can go into whom first, without losing too much in the process. Rage’s 8″ threat range has always been a thorn in his side, but the Guild has received some upgrades in terms of threat extensions. Quick Time grants him 2″, Grace’s Quick Foot grants him another 2″ – for free through Talisman, Benediction’s Playmaker grants him another 4″ – for free, Minx’ Marked Target grants him another 2″ – for 1 influence. And there’s still room for Gutter, if he wants to field her. Adding all of this up, Veteran Rage can now threaten a massive 18″! Obviously, it’s overkill to provide Rage with áll buffs, but I hope this shines a light on how easily Rage’s team can out-threaten the opponent from now on. Kick-off pressure? Turn 1 pressure? Present.

  • +1/+0 INF
  • Quick Time cost reduced from 2 to 1
  • Removal of momentous 2 on 2
  • Momentous 2> on 3 –> Momentous 2> on 2
  • Momentous 3 on 4 –> Momentous 3 on 3
  • Momentous 3> on 5 –> Momentous 3> on 4
  • Momentous Cup on 6 –> Momentous Cup on 5
  • Non-momentous 3+Cup on 7 –> Non-momentous 3+Cup on 6
  • Non-momentous 4 on 7 –> Momentous 4 on 7


This is a nice Quality of Life change to Shelling Out, as it greatly increases the range at which the TAC bonus will be relevant. With a model as slow as Strongbox, and Coin being the mascot of choice lately, this change will be well received.

  • Shelling Out is reworked. The TAC bonus is now given to friendly models within the aura, instead of when attacking enemy models within the aura.


Avarisse has always been described as a slow and vulnerable model. His 3+/0 defensive stats and only 1″ melee could make him a momentum farm. To give him a bit more resilience, he has been granted a point of Armour, although I’m unsure as to how important that it will be. Having multiple threat extensions in Minx, Grace and Benediction in the team will help with his mobility.

  • +1 ARM


Greede has received a single change on his card, which is mostly a Quality of Life buff for the dynamic duo. Removing the influence cost for picking Greede up will surely enhance their influence efficiency.

  • Addition of Pick Up trait
  • Removal of Pick Me Up! character play


Decimate has been coined multiple times as being ‘the most generalist model out there’. Fast, decent damage potential, excellent momentum generation, decent kicking potential, average defensive stats, and nice utility plays. She has only gotten better, as she now has a good chance of getting Thousand Cuts off on a charge, due to the addition of a non-momentous Cup result on her fourth playbook column. She also received a massive 4 damage result on the top of her playbook, rewarding her for hitting high numbers with her dice.

When talking about kicking threats, Decimate might be a good one. Getting Tooled Up by Rage (in a Blackheart team), getting Quick Foot from Grace, and new Minx throwing Marked Target and/or Axe Throw with Snared could certainly result in a take-out. With the momentous T<< result on 4, she can also threaten a goal.

  • Addition of non-momentous Cup on 4
  • Addition of non-momentous 4< on 6


Minx has come a long way from her Furious era. Previously mostly being played as a battery model that provided some damage and Snared at long range, she can now really deal some damage. Having received an influence cap of 4, seeing her playbook get +1 damage per column across the board, and still keeping Hunter’s Prey, makes Minx a frightening lass to have to face.

The removal of her battery status does require the Union captain to think on influence allocation more, as new Minx is quite influence greedy, but her ability to chuck an axe at 13″ range for 2 influence, hand out the Snared condition, and then dodge Back to the Shadows still makes her quite effective and elusive. She has setup, she has output, and she’s very, very mobile. I’d almost say she’s the best squaddie for the Union for now.

  • +0/+2 INF
  • Non-momentous 1 on 1 –> Non-momentous 1GB on 1
  • Momentous < on 1 –> Momentous 1< on 1
  • Momentous 1< on 2 –> Momentous 2< on 2
  • Momentous 2< on 3 –> Momentous 3< on 3
  • Removal of non-momentous GB on 3
  • Non-momentous 2<< on 4 –> Non-momentous 3GB on 4
  • Removal of non-momentous Cup on 5
  • Momentous 3<< on 5 –> Momentous 4<< on 5
  • Addition of Axe Throw character play
  • Removal of Screeching Banshee character play
  • Removal of Furious trait


Another Quality of Life buff, this time for Rage. With the Intensity heroic, he can now also use Tooled Up for momentum, before furiously charging into the fray. This will provide the team with some more influence efficiency in the long run.

  • Addition of Intensity heroic play


Snakeskin receiving a flat DEF bonus is a buff, nothing less, nothing more. A great place to park the ball onto due to Nimble and Beautiful, now also against female models.

  • +1 DEF
  • Removal of Charmed trait


The changes to Grace and Benediction are amazing, as they’re useful for the footbally style of the Order, but also grant the Union some nice threat extension – something that they sorely lacked. I would say a job well done on these Church models.

In terms of the Union models, I mostly see Quality of Life changes. More durability, more damage potential, more mobility. The only model that has actually gone through rigorous change is Minx, and in my opinion these changes have certainly been for the better. The Union now has the ability to start their game on turn 1. It’s time for the Union coaches to figure out their 12’s now, as this errata has shaken things up a lot. In my opinion, they’re certainly not ‘bottom of the barrel’ anymore. I just hope there’ll not be a repeat of late Season 3.

As many people that like to give their view on things are wont to do, I’d also like to make a tier list. Making a tier list can be quite dangerous, as it will most certainly incite debate, but that’s something that I actually would love to see. It keeps the game alive.

Without further ado, my Hot Takes 4.2 Tier List*

  • S-TIER: Farmers
  • A-TIER: Engineers (Rivet), Masons, Morticians,
  • B-TIER: Blacksmiths, Brewers, Fishermen, Miners, Union, Hunters
  • C-TIER: Alchemists, Butchers, Order
  • D-TIER: Cooks, Engineers (Ballista/PV), Ratcatchers
  • E-TIER: Falconers, Navigators

* Making this list was quite hard. Tiers A, B and C are só close together, that I’ve actually kept shuffling them around for at least 30 minutes, so don’t pin me down on the placements of these. I’d also like to note that the difference between the ABC block and the D-tier Guilds isn’t that huge either, but noticeable enough in my opinion.

Thanks for reading my thoughts on the 4.2 errata. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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