The Mad Hatter – WEEK THREE

Third week has happened. This is what I’ve got for round three:

    • Francois Langton
    • Brewers
    • 18 take-outs
    • Pawel Korpal
    • Navigators
    • 8 goals
    • Henry Kay
    • Ratcatcher
    • 4 ring-outs
    • Martin Zanela
    • Hunters (Fahad)
    • 2 take-outs
    • Dave Sawyer
    • Farmers (Buckwheat)
    • 3 goals

Besides my own game, I have also received battle reports from one other tables, and I’ve recorded the Table 1 game.

Table 1 – Krzysztof Bialek (Morticians) versus Kim René Sjursaether (Hunters)

I’ve managed to figure out how I’m going to make the videos. I just need some time to do it.

Table 4 – Niels Hermkens (Engineers) versus Sam Lillie (Hunters)

Instead of doing a full battle report, here’s a recording of the game instead! Better be prepared for a LONG one.

In short, I had some bad luck during the first turns, and it tilted me into oblivion – something that is very dangerous against a captain like Steeljaw, against whom you always want to be in control, as it’s hard to wrest it back once she has it. I don’t think my strategy was wrong, but I think I should’ve played Spade over Nomad. Spade has a slightly lesser turn 1 goal radius, but she could’ve at least be more of a nuisance, as Nomad hadn’t done anything useful for the rest of the game after his goal. Either that, or I should’ve just used Wherever I May Roam to try and kill Minx using Spark, as that would’ve given me two more momentum (through the TO and through Momentous Inspiration) and I would still have control over the ball. I went for the greedy play, and it cost me everything.

Table 14 – Koen Vliegen (Union) versus Iain Torrance (Miners)

Written by Iain Torrance.

After a mid-week postponement on my part, Saturday morning saw my Miners take on Koen’s Union team in Round 3 of the Mad Hatter. It’s an epic adventure – tears, cheers, highs and lows, so strap yourselves in and let’s get started…

It started with a tie on the roll-off, that minor Guild +1 coming into play. On the reroll, the Miners took it and decided to Receive…


Home: Union

Cpt. Vet. Rage, Strongbox, Grace, Gutter, Minx, Avarisse & Greede

Away: Miners

Cpt. Shaft, Digger, Fissure, Mule, Spade, Salvo

Turn 1:

Union kicked through Captain Rage, Koen taking the chance to move him up the pitch. A poor kick scatter saw the ball clip an obstacle and fail to cross the halfway line. I popped the ball onto Shaft and we were off with Influence allocation.

A cagey T1 saw us trade ablative activations, each looking to minimise the opponent’s openings. Shaft passed to Fissure, and scarpered off to the left, away from the threat of Rage. Koen shuffled his team around looking to block goal lines and move up to support Rage. Salvo pinged Rage with a Floored Bolt (a rare success for the Engineer), triggering Rising Anger, but putting the Union Captain on his backside. Fissure brought Mule up the pitch with “You’re Coming With Me” and passed the ball to Digger. Mule hared up the pitch to put some hurt on Gutter… or so I thought, some dismal rolling later and 1 momentum generated from 3 attacks (mom KD, non-mom 1> twice), the Miners’ lack of punch instantly apparent. Digger passed the ball to Spade who dodged up 4”.

Minx snared Spade with a handy axe throw, but it looked like the Miner was still in range for the goal. With nothing left on the Miners’ side, Spade jinked and janked her way up the pitch, pushing Avarisse into Rage’s path and grabbing the goal with  success.

Union 0 Miners 4, but Union ahead on the momentum race with Rage still to activate…

Union kick the ball out and it scatters behind Grace. Rage rounds out the turn by Quick Timing Avarisse out of his way and charging into Mule, leaving the the big machine KD, Snared, and on 5 health, and taking Koen to 4 momentum.

Turn 2

Union take the initiative and Weak Point Mule, feeling like this is going to hurt, I play “Never Say Die” and prepare for the pain train. Rage activates, popping the Legendary and having Gutter make short work of Spade thanks to Scything Blow hits on Mule before jogging away and having Grace dodge to the ball.

Union 2, Miners 4

Fissure brings Shaft up the pitch with her, “Grinding Tracks” on Minx to knock her down, and using sinkhole to pull Gutter out of Strongbox’s aura. Gutter takes out Mule.

Union 4, Miners 4

Avarisse moves to interrupt Salvo’s path to Grace and the ball. Shaft farms some momentum off Minx, but fails to do much more than push her around. Digger sneaks over towards Salvo, failing to do anything to Avarisse as I forget the Tac3 into 3/1, Tough Hide, in cover won’t achieve a lot! Salvo goes for the Hail Mary play, Heroic-ing a Floored Bolt onto Grace… Down a dice due to Avarisse, I bonus time and… Not. A. Single. 4. Sad Panda. I ping Avarisse for a couple of momentum, sensing that I won’t see the ball for a while. Some more back and forth, Minx does some damage to Fissure, dodges to snap shot range. Grace steps up, and fluffs the pass to Minx. The ball scatters between Grace and Digger, but the mole only gets a 1 on the roll-off.

Turn 3

With Union far ahead on momentum, Koen goes first in T3. I jog Mule on next to the goal and Spade comes on as far from pain as she can. Minx starts by charging Fissure for the TO, bouncing away and Snaring Digger with an axe.

Union 6, Miners 4

Sensing the need to take some action, Salvo uses “Cool Head” to Heroic a Floored Bolt on Grace, Swift Striking out of Avarisse. A kindly scatter sees the ball drop to Salvo’s feet, and I start dancing him back towards the team. A couple of momentous dodges off Avarisse and I kick the ball back towards Mule, the scatter falling perfectly. I won’t generate momentum, but the ball is back with my team. Rage orders Avarisse to kill Digger.

Union 7, Miners 4

I Diggy Hole and sprint Spade up, close to goal range. Mule ships the ball to Shaft as Avarisse and Greede beat Salvo down to 1HP and KD. Shaft Legendaries and brings Mule and Spade up the pitch, then walks to Gutter and starts generating momentum, knocking her down and pushing her around.

Turn 4

Turn 4 and the Miners are firmly on the defensive. I bring Fissure and Digger back on the left, and I make Koen go first. Avarisse and Greede make short work of Salvo and Operation Runaway begins in earnest.

Union 9, Miners 4

The order of the next few activations is a bit confused, but the end result is the same. The Union start the long walk to the Miners on the left. Spade makes the ball safe by passing back to Fissure, and tries to push players in the way of Rage. A fully stacked Shaft decides that if he can’t hurt Gutter, he can certainly shove her about, so I go in and escort her politely from the field.

Union 9, Miners 6

Turn 5

Turn 5 passes with the Miners unable to go for the goal, knowing that the Union just need a goal to win, so we shuffle the team up as far from Rage as we can…

Union 9, Miners 6

Turn 6

Turn 6 sees Koen force me to go first, returning the favour – crafty devil. Knowing that I still can’t take the goal, I run Salvo back towards my baseline, throwing Floored Bolt into Minx on the way, KD & 2 dmg. |More shuffling, Koen brings Rage down the pitch and Quick Time’s Minx back into range on Salvo. She springs into action, jogging to Salvo and fluffs her attack… Salvo hits a << on the counter, springing away only to take an axe to the face, leaving him on 5HP and Snared.

Turn 7

We’ve been going about 4hrs at this point, Koen has a fresh deck and I play my last Game Plan. Minx puts Salvo out of his misery…

Union 11, Miners 6

With nothing else left, knowing that a good goal kick leaves the win on the plate for Koen, I generate a bit of momentum then slam a goal in with Mule, the big mechanica lapping up the cheers of the crowd.

Union 11, Miners 10

It comes down to the final kick scatter… The Union fans throw the ball back into play, it scatters right to Gutter. Right. To. Her. A jog, and she tees up the tap-in… Bonus Time. Goal.

Union 15, Miners 10

Koen was a great fun opponent, the game took over 4hrs with screenshots, chat, running away from Rage. My 6th game with Miners and 2-4 record so far. The goal game is fun, but I do miss at least the threat of a takeout! On to Round 4…


Next week, I’ll be getting battle reports for the following matches:

  • Table 1 – Krzysztof Bialek’s Morticians versus Pawel Korpal’s Navigators
  • Table 13 – Niels Hermkens’ Engineers versus Mark Popinchalk’s Fishermen
  • Table 14 – Owen Bell’s Union versus Steve Cole’s Navigators
  • Table 22 – Martin Zanela’s Hunters versus Jack Parr’s Alchemists

See you then!

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