Minor Guild Mayhem – Update #1

Hey all!

As you all know, the Minor Guild Mayhem Winter Community Event has been going on for a few weeks now. The main goal of this event is to have the community – you – have a chance at deciding which Major Guild will be receiving their Minor addition next. After every game you play, you can go to this form, fill in some details about your game, and then cast your vote!

I’ve heard that you might want to know where we’re at with the votes for the event? Well, let me just give you an update…

But first of all, we’d like to say thank you to everyone that is contributing to this effort. We’re now a couple of weeks in and we’ve already reached the 100 votes mark! Exceptional job!

As you all know, we’re hoping to find out which Guild we’re going to design next. Your choices have been the Blacksmith’s Guild, the Brewer’s Guild and the Mason’s Guild – three teams that actually have one thing in common: they’re the beefy boys of the game. Let’s see what you guys have been voting for…


The results for the Blacksmith votes

If the Blacksmiths win the vote, it seems that most of you are wanting to see the Knight’s Guild come to fruition. It’ll not be hard to see what their play-downs will be, I’ll tell ye. 😉

The idea around the Knight’s Guild was basically one borne from tradition – Knights and their Squires, working in tandem like the Blacksmith Masters and Apprentices. The connection to the Blacksmith is quite obvious – someone needs to shoe their horses and smith their armour! Will they be fast, and based around how Farris and Bolt work, or will they have an entirely different playstyle? Who knows…


The results for the Brewers votes

If the Brewers will be the victors of this competition, it seems that all of you are quite hyped for the Circus. And who wouldn’t be, after having heard about the possibility of an ELEPHANT as a mascot?!

Another theme that is not really centered around a craft, but more so around a calling, just like the Knights. The Brewers are obviously known for their ability to put people on their asses, and the Circus will most likely have that same aspect built in… but a bit more creative? Find out and see, if the drunks beat out their opponents…


The results for the Masons votes

He’s a lumberjack, and he’s okay! Oh my lord, we did not expect this result. Y’all really want that beaver mascot, eh?

The Masons obviously need their building materials, and every house needs to have a sturdy foundation – one built from strong wooden beams and pillars. The Masons are most widely known for having loads of armour, but bushwackers usually don’t don a suit of plate through the woods, so they’ll most likely pull from other aspects of the Masons to get their playstyle going. Defensive auras? Activation shenanigans? We’ve not a clue yet, honestly…

So yeah, now the reason you’ve all been reading this post – who is in the lead? Well… just look at the chart below.

And it seems that 49 out of 100 votes are going towards the Masons! Honour must be proud, seeing that her old Guild still has so many followers amongst the community. 🙂

So now’s the question: will they stay in the lead? Or will alignments shift over time? You’ll know when we’re getting close to 200-250 votes! So keep on voting, keep ’em coming!

See you next time!

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