The Mad Hatter – WEEK FIVE

Fifth week has happened. This is what I’ve got for round five:

    • Francois Langton
    • Brewers
    • 28 take-outs
    • Jon Clough and Pawel Korpal
    • Engineers and Navigators
    • 13 goals
    • Henry Kay
    • Ratcatcher
    • 8 ring-outs
    • Terry Mott
    • Brewers (Quaff)
    • 6 take-outs
    • Dave Sawyer
    • Farmers (Buckwheat)
    • 6 goals

Besides my own game, I have also received battle reports from one other tables, and I’ve recorded the Table 1 game.

Table 1 – Jon Clough’s Engineers versus Bryan Will’s Farmers

Video battle reports will be made in July.

Table 4 – Niels Hermkens’ Engineers versus Christian Metz’ Blacksmiths

Another game that I’ve streamed: watch it here!

The game was pretty close. I took a quick lead, but Christian is such a legend at slowly taking over the game. In the end, I made a mistake by putting Ratchet way too close the action, which gave vCinder the option of setting up for Cast the next turn. Had I only lost Rivet there, I would’ve been able to maybe push vCinder off or go for goal with Spade. It was close, but this just showed me the skill disparity between me and someone like Metz. It was a great experience!

Table 26 – Terry Mott’s Brewers versus Michiel Pillards’ Shepherds

Written by Michiel Pillards.

Shepherd’s vs Brewers.

Home Team: Shepherds
Herder, Babe, Hook & Crook, Lamb, Ram, Shearer

Visiting Team: Brewers
Tapper, Quaff, vDecimate, Flea, Hooper, oSpigot

On their home turf, the Shepherd’s guild welcomes the Brewer’s for a good drink, and a game of ball. As so often with these guilds, there will be lots of laughs, lots of dogs, and several smashings of shins. Good fun according to some.

The toss decides that the Shepherd’s will be receiving, so after both teams set up, Decimate walks up and expertly kicks the ball almost next to the shepherd’s line. A surprising tactic, but soon we will learn that ball might be cursed anyway.

Turn 1

The game starts slow, with Babe grabbing the ball. Both teams set up their support, looking at each other, and shouting profanities at each other. This ends when Decimate realises the dogs are getting pushed awefully close to her, and she decides to start hitting on Crook. The dog barely escapes with his life, but together with Hook they retaliate, leaving Decimate just as hurt, and dragging her close to the rest of the Shepherd’s.

After this explosion of violence, Tapper ups the stakes by marking Herder as the next target, while Shearer moves closer to Decimate. And then,.. Flea gets close and orders Quaff to murder Crook. If ever there was a time for dogfighting, this seems it.

Shepherds 0 – Brewers 1

Herder decides to punish Decimate for all of this, leaving her bleeding on the ground, barely speaking.

Turn 2

Herder starts this turn, sending Ram to the bench for a split second and finishing off Decimate. Meanwhile, she picks up the ball and runs to shoot it…. next to the Brewer’s goal, far out of the field. Only to be beaten by Tapper. Flea smells blood, and together with Quaff he finishes Herder.

Shepherds 2 – Brewers 3

Meanwhile Hook, who has been encouraged by Ram, goes into the midfield, together with his brother. They drag Hooper close and start biting him, and even the pig decides to join that fight, actually breaking skin on the poor man.

Spigot comes and joins the fray, knocking down Crook. Unfortunatly, as Hooper tries to get away, both Lamb and Shearer, enraged by the treatment of their shepherd, beat him down and down, and down.

Turn 3

Herder, coming back into the game, moves up to take out both Spigot and Hooper.

Shepherds 6 – Brewers 3

The scrum becomes a true mosh-pit, in real Brewer style. Tapper hurls himself into that brawl, knocking down half of the enemy team, and looking good at it. Ram manages to push Tapper towards the Shepherd’s goal, making his commands lost for his team. Nonetheless, Flea orders Quaff to take out Crook, again. There is some really bad blood amongst those ‘good boys’.

Shepherds 6 – Brewers 4

Decimate, returning from the bench, picks up the ball and hides in cover next to her own goalpost, while Shearer avenges the poor dog, and maims Flea.

Shepherds 8 – Brewers 4

Turn 4

Hook and Crook, being tired of beaten down so often, guide Tapper off the field.

Shepherds 10 – Brewers 4

I would love to see that the departure of their captain softened the Brewers, but nothing would be further from the truth: a returning Flea and Hooper combine their attacks to send Shearer off the field.

Shepherds 10 – Brewers 6

After this, both teams have a short stand-off, until Herder goes into Flea, punishing him for setting his dog on her. And ending the game, 12 to 6 for Shepherds.


Next week, I’ll be getting battle reports for the following matches:

  • Table 1 – Jon Clough’s Engineers versus Sam Lillie’s Hunters
    • This will decide who will be the Maddest of Hatters 2020
  • Table 12 – Niels Hermkens’ Engineers versus Christian Metz’ Blacksmiths
  • Table 14 – Henry Kay’s Ratcatchers versus Marcus Lobar’s Navigators
  • Table 28 – J. R. Moore’s Miners versus Michal Rudski’s Navigators
    • This will decide if Michal can protect his precious Spoon!

See you then!

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